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Can Two Girls be Too Savvy?

Once upon a time there was a 12 year old girl living in Maryland who liked to watch football. Then along came a stud-muffin named Cal Ripken, Jr. He seemed like the answer to all of her adolescent problems (and there were many) and she became a baseball fan. It didn’t matter that Cal, as she liked to call him, was years older and didn’t know she existed. Neither did any other boy. Regardless, one day, she thought, they would be married…

At the same time there was another girl of similar age but lived in Detroit, was more popular and had boyfriends (we had a word for girls like this in Maryland!). She grew up in a baseball-lovin’ family and she thought that she would get married on home plate of Tiger Stadium. She wasn’t particular as to whom she would marry; it was just that it would be on hallowed ground…

As fate would have it, Deidre never married Cal Ripken, Jr. and Jackie never tied the knot on home plate.

Years later, these two found each other in Seattle, shared stories, a couple cocktails and became best friends. It was only natural that they would share their long-standing enthusiasm for baseball and only a little unbelievable that they would decide to write a book about it.

We hope that this book will be a journey to help everyone enjoy a baseball game this year and next. It’s filled with stories of players and facts about how the game emerged. It will attempt to help you understand why so many of us get all excited with the announcement “pitchers and catchers report.”

Update: Deidre’s virtual saga with Cal Ripken, Jr. pans out!

The Savvy Girls of Summer are located in beautiful Seattle, WA.

Writer: Deidre
Business Development: Jackie
Research: Deidre and Jackie

Deidre works as a consultant on business matters; Jackie does the same for matters of the pen. They both annoy each other on occasion but figure it’s better than holding down a real job.

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